Lodestone: A Review

Lodestone is a 2D overhead physics-based puzzle game for the iPhone. You control a rolling stone, the lodestone, and attempt to grab all of the magnet icons throughout the level. There are magnetized poles in the level that help you control the lodestone. As long as the lodestone is within the diameter of the pole, touching the right side of the screen will bring the lodestone closer to the pole and touching the left side of the screen will push it away. This mechanic becomes more interesting once several magnetized poles are placed in the bigger levels.

– Interesting art style. I really liked the art style and music. Lodestone presents a nice cartoon-esque art style that really fits the gameplay that it offers.
– Completing a level feels like an accomplishment. Some of the levels can be difficult, but when you do finish it, it actually feels like an accomplishment which reminds me of older games where your hand doesn’t get held throughout the whole game.

– Too easy to get stuck. I feel the biggest drawback of this game (which I guess kind of contributes to one of the pros) is that it is too easy to get stuck, especially when the water traps come into play. It seems like there is no good solution for getting stuck.
– Price. For the content of the game, I don’t feel that it’s quite worth the price that it’s sold for, although it does like like the price has come down since it’s release. Not much more to say on this subject.

Overall rating: 3/5

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